Starting where I am

Oops! My last post was in March and I was planning to take a “few days” off.  The months have sped by and here it is December.  FlyLady always says don’t try to catch up,  just jump in where you are.  So I’m jumping. Andiamo (let’s go)

Last month I spent the day in Asheville with my sister, aunt, and cousin.  We went to Biltmore House to see the Christmas decorations and to Grove Park Inn to enjoy the Gingerbread House competition.  I didn’t take a single picture of the decorations at Biltmore or a gingerbread house at Grove Park.  Instead…

Leaf-peeping: looking through the baulstrade

It’s fun for me to find different ways to take photos and by sitting on the floor of the porch I could take a picture looking through one of the ornate openings.  So, yeah, people looked at me oddly but I can live with that!

Then on to Grove Park… I must say some of the Gingerbread entries were spectacular. But my favorite moment of the entire day was being reunited with a love I discovered last year when I went to Grove Park with my friends Mavis and Jackie.

I have talked about this Peacock tree all year and lamented not capturing a better photo of it when we were there before. As you can see, I didn’t take any chances this year.

I love the bright colors and the rich textures found on this tree.

Spending time with family was also special.  I hope that wherever you are, whatever you’re doing – you’re happy, healthy and ready for the holidays!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you again soon (and not in MONTHS:)


Taking a break

Every day my “must do” list seems to get longer and longer.  So I’m going to be taking a break from my blog for a few days and hope to get back to it when it doesn’t feel like one more thing I HAVE to do 🙂  Thanks for your support. See you soon.

Day 84 – The Chapel

If there’s a stained glass window anywhere near me I’m going to be drawn to it.  So I was not even a little surprised when I got lost in the hospital over the weekend and ended up passing by the chapel several times before finding my way back to the elevator. 

I love the colors and details in this one…

I hope your week is off to a fantastic start!

Day 83 – I Love Pink

After a long day of visiting my sister at the hospital & running to her house a couple of times to take care of the dog I was driving home exhausted.  I realized I hadn’t taken any pictures that I wanted to share so decided to detour for a few shots.  As luck would have it the first turn I made led me to a jackpot.  There’s a bank on the corner and I noticed pretty pink blooms on the trees all around the bank.

I don’t know what kind of tree it is…maybe a crab apple or a red bud or…  All I know is I’m soooooo happy that spring has started delivering her beautiful blooms.

I had every intention of going out with my camera today.  Unfortunately I ended up spending the day in ER w/my sister instead.  She’s doing better (I think) but I didn’t take pictures so I’m using one I snapped a few weeks ago.  This old house looks like it was the victim of a fire.  I always wonder why the shell is just left standing and what eventually happens to the structure.  Also wonder what happened to the family.

Even though it looks lonely, in my eyes it still holds some of its former beauty.

Day 81 – Golden

Hello.  Happy Friday.  I apologize for my disappearing act this week but my computer decided to take a little R&R.  I guess we’ve both been tired.  I slept later than usual this morning and would have stayed in bed even longer but Toby had other plans.  Oh well.  The weather was fabulous this morning but rained this afternoon.  I hope it will be nice the rest of the weekend so I can get out with my camera.

This shot was taken at a nearby church.  I love the golden colors and the way the brick seems to complement it. 

Day 80 – Aussie Dixie

The employees at my vet’s office have it good!  They get to bring their dogs to work.  They have some beautiful animals but Dixie is my favorite.  Probably because she is an Australian Shepherd, which has been one of my favorite breeds for years now.  I’ve been told that solid black Aussies are rare. 

I think she’s so pretty…see if you agree